After over 40 years of experience and deep dedication, the Bellachioma family has decided to give a new shape to their love for Artisanal Baked Sweets, in order to convey all the passion and attention to details that always marked its long history.

That's the origin of DOLCEVIVO, nowadays considered the best expression of Italian goodness, elegance and quality in the world of Baked Sweets.



The philosophy of DOLCEVIVO consists in considering each artisanal product like it has its own soul and authenticity, aiming to reach the excellence by elevating both the goodness and the beauty.

Our team of Pastry Masters is a perfect mix of freshness and experience, able to develop original solutions while mantaining a strong connection with Italian Pastry Tradition.



In addition to this, there's a very strict and accurate selection of high quality raw materials.

That's how we are able to give emotions to Italian High Pastry lovers from all over the World.